Featured Tufts Researchers

Understanding Tuberculosis

gillian-beamerGillian Beamer, VMD, PhD, DACVP, works on tuberculosis (TB) and the bacterial pathogen that causes it, Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M.tb). TB is rare in the United States, but it is rampant in Asia, Africa, and some parts of Russia. One of the most successful pathogens at evading the host immune system and establishing itself in lung tissue, TB annually kills an estimated 1.5 million people worldwide. Read more »

Customizing Proteins—Changing Structure to Change Function

stephen-fuchsStephen Fuchs, PhD, joined the Department of Biology in 2012. His interdisciplinary work probes the structure-function relationships of proteins to inform the design of novel biomolecules and explain biological phenomena. His research group includes chemists, biochemists, biologists, and geneticists who approach the study of proteins from many angles using a variety of tools. Read more »

How Migrants Change Cities and Cities Change Migrants

weiping_wuWeiping Wu, PhD, joined the Department of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning in 2011. She is also a senior fellow in the Center for Emerging Market Enterprises, Fletcher School. She holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture and a master’s degree in urban planning from Tsinghua University (China), and a PhD in urban planning and policy development from Rutgers University. One of Wu’s primary research interests is in comparative planning and urban policy, that is, comparing how cities in different geographical regions of the world respond to new urban phenomena such as housing shortages and slum challenges caused by migration or immigration. Read more »