About Us

Tufts Robotic Sail Team (TRST) is a diverse group of Tufts students with one common goal: autonomously sail across the Atlantic Ocean. Our club formed in a vacant room at Tufts ATO fraternity during the summer of 2013. With less than two months until the Sailbot 2013 competition, we rapidly assembled and “hacked” a remote control sailboat. The lessons learned from Sailbot continue to guide us on our path to Microtransat.


TRST now competes annually in Sailbot–the International Robotic Sailing Championship–which moves around North America every year.  We use Sailbot as a proving ground for our long-term goal: win Microtransat. You can learn more about the Microtransat Challenge here. Due to budget and space constraints, we cannot work full time on Microtransat but hope to compete in the 2014 Sailbot competition.