About Us

Since its inception in 2010, Tufts Robotics Club has aimed to bring together students who are interested in robotics and eager to learn and apply new engineering skills through hands-on tutorials and projects. Our club participates in several competitions throughout the year, including the Trinity Fire Fighting Robot Contest and the Intel-Cornell Cup, as well as other noncompetitive projects.

As part of our mission, the club offers tutorials for incoming members – no prior programming or robotics experience is required!

Meetings take place Fridays at 4:30pm in the Nolop FAST Facility.

Executive Board

Jeremy Kanovsky – jeremy.kanovsky@tufts.edu
Libby Albanese – libby.albanese@tufts.edu

Eric Wu
Esther Adegoke

Social Chair:
Catherine Ding

ESC Representative:
Andrew Wang

Outreach & Publicity Chair:
Keenan Rhea

Freja Perin

Board Members:
Faizan Muhammad
Martin Majkut
Jeffrey Blitt
Sam Gertler


Faculty Advisor

Professor Chris Rogers
Tufts ME Department

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