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Rodrigo Wagner

updated July, 2013

A few useful resources for Students at Tufts:  Entrepreneurship| Global Business &  Finance


  • Macroeconomic and Financial data straight from STATA’s command line [Sep 28 2012There are a couple of very useful STATA add-ons that allow you to get access to data series automatically; directly from STATA’s code

stockquote  shows Yahoo Finance data. You need to lookup for the tecker in yahoo, but once you have it; then it’s quite easy to work with.  (installed by simply typing ssc install stockquote and then doing help stockquote)

/* Command below gives you the stock prices for BHP Billiton, the Mining company from 1/2/2000 to 3/4/2012 on a daily basis */

       stockquote BHP , fm(1) fd(2) fy(2000) lm(03) ld(4) ly(2012) frequency(d)

wbopendata  allows for access to the broad set of yearly Panel data of the “World Development Indicators” compiled by the world bank; as well as to other series compiled by them. (installed by simply typing ssc install wbopendata and then doing help wbopendata)

     /* This gets you many indicators on a yearly basis, for example CPI inflation and lending rate for many countries, although with missing values */

set more off

wbopendata , indicator(fp.cpi.totl.zg ; fr.inr.lend) year(1960:2012) long clear

freduse  gets data directly from FRED, which is the Federal Reserve Economic Data , compiled by St Louis’ Fed. It has many series. (installed typing ssc install freduse and then doing help freduse).

/*For example this short do file gets you the unemployment data for Chile */


line CHLURHARMMDSMEI daten if year(daten)>=1986, ///

ytitle(“Unemployment in Chile [OECD Stats]”)