Monday, 23 of April of 2018


Selected media in chronological order (Radio, Op Ed…)


  • Public Procurement as tool for innovation. Diario Pulso (Dec 20, 2012) [PDF in Spanish]


  • Auctioning Lithium in Chile. The highest bid might not be the most productive, but an artifact of the uncertainty and sunk costs. [PDF In spanish] Diario Pulso (Sep 26, 2012)
  • Expropriation of YPF from Repsol,  by the Argentine Government. How can the Chinese invest there? [Link AUDIO in Spanish]. La Expropiacion de YPF en Argentina. Radio Duna  Programa “Aire Libre”, entrevista con Polo Ramirez  (April 16 2012)


  • Dispute between CODELCO (Chilean Mining SOE)  and Anglo American on the option to acquire  “Disputada” copper mine   [Link AUDIO in Spanish]. La Disputa CODELCO-Anglo Radio Duna , entrevista con Cony Stipicic y Juan M. Astorga (Nov 17 2011)


  • Private Equity  funds financing  “Non-profit” universities in Chile. [Link Document in Spanish]  La Segunda (Oct 05 2011)


  • Transfer Pricing of for profit private universities in Chile. [Link  AUDIO in Spanish]. Radio Duna entrevista con Cony Stipicic y Juan M. Astorga (August 2011)


  • The Golden(?) decade of Chilean Economic Growth. [Link Document in Spanish].  Revista Que Pasa (Jul 23 2010)


  • Bad leadership [Link  document in Spanish]. A Book review for Revista Que Pasa (Sept 2008)


  • Discussing reduction in Gasoline taxes and VAT. [Link document in Spanish]  La Segunda (2006)