Sunday, 20 of May of 2018

Teaching & Related Material

Courses I tought

  • Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Finance (graduate)
  • Quantitative International Finance (graduate and adv undergrad)
  • International Economics & Investment (undergraduate)
  • Economia del Emprendimiento y la Innovacion [in Spanish, @ School of Business U of Chile]

Some useful teaching & entrepreneurship material

Software I frequently use

  • LyX , which is a very nice Open Source LaTex Editor with an almost WYSIWYG appearance.
  • JabRef to store my references using BibTex.
  • MATLAB , but sometimes I use  Octave, which s is an open source program that has very good compatibility with MATLAB m-files and it is useful for many teaching applications in cases where MATLAB requieres a special licence. Here there is a nice introduction for economists on How to Get Started with MATLAB, by Jerome Adda (but in most cases can be used with Octave)
  • STATA statistical software
  • R statistical software, open source . Especially its version R-Studio, which is a much friendlier version.
  • Dynare , a MATLAB complement to handle Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Models.

Other Random Teaching Resources I found useful [External links]