Norm Reid Trophy

Sailing Event Log: Fleet Racing

Event: __Norm Reid Trophy_Date:__10/17/09____


Course: __Digital N

No divisions– Team race______

_Natalie Salk, Katie Boras; Will Pelleteri, Madeline Luce; Henry

Blanchette, Stephan Janick

Conditions: _Heavy Breeze 12-20knots_____small waves_________


Boat Handling / Speed

Our boat handling was good we could work on

our heavy air 420 quick tacks.

We were getting passed on the upwind. Our

boats were not flat enough we need to HIKE



Generally bad starts, we were not on the line,

we need to engage the other team more


Slow, need to keep the boat flat, steer less

Done well:
The downwind was fast, we did not loose any
boats. We did not capsize or fall out of the boat.
(ask Katie this is an improvement)


We were fast and even faster when pumping

on the waves
We improved our starts as the day
progressed. When sailing upwind we were
improving engaging the boat ahead by starting
a tacking duel.
We need to not hit marks

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