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Saanya Gulati is a senior at Tufts University from India, majoring in International Relations and Sociology.

Time for South Asia to step up

ShareFor those who believe that India and Pakistan’s relationship is underexplored when it comes to economic trade, Pakistan’s granting India the Most Favoured Nation status would naturally come as good news. In the simplest of terms this means that India … Continue reading

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Indo-Pak’s underexplored relationship

ShareWritten by Sanjana Basu: A few months ago I went to an event called,“The Quest for India-Pakistan Normalization: The Road Ahead,” sponsored by the United States Institute of Peace. As the name suggests, the event was trying to focus on measures … Continue reading

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Aakash: Reaching for the Sky

ShareI recently wrote an article about the “joy of e-books.”  Of course there were a lot of critical comments and the usual I love books and they will never die argument. Unfortunately I don’t buy this. And neither do the … Continue reading

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The Pakistani Soldiers

ShareWritten by Muhammad Arham Shoukat The Soldiers of Pakistan, like soldiers of any nation, are men who sacrifice their lives and often return to their houses mutilated after a long and tiring battle. In other countries, such men would enjoy … Continue reading

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The New India? Whose India?

ShareAs I wrote in my earlier post, “the story of India is full of paradoxes” —We often talk of there being 2 India’s, usually referring to the income or social disparities. Shashi Tharoor takes this even further in his “Elephant … Continue reading

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