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India’s Ambiguous Political Game : The Tibetan-Chinese Issue

ShareIt’s often ironic how the measures undertaken by a government to sideline and almost obscure an issue can turn on it itself and instead, accentuate it. Unfortunately for India, this is exactly the case. As this years host of the … Continue reading

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Reflections from Professor Partha Ghosh’s discussion on the ‘Complex Puzzle of Growth’: Important ethical and ecological concerns, but at a prototypical phase?

ShareOn March 13, Professor Partha Ghosh of the Fletcher School gave a lecture entitled, “The Complex Puzzle of Growth: Embracing Modernity while Preserving Tradition in India and China”. Professor Ghosh has worked in various strata of careers, from managerial consulting … Continue reading

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Indian Mass Media: an on-going paradox

ShareIndian Mass Media: an on-going paradox. With the controversial story of Salman Rushdie running rampant through Indian and International media, all eyes have turned towards India; the flourishing ‘democracy’ and its apparent commitment to ‘free speech.’ But, as many public … Continue reading

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