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The developmental world, looking at different non-profits, social initiatives and campaigns in the region. Deconstructing how this region is central to social change.

Embracing the Next “ism”: Exploring the New Possibilities of Human Advancement, beyond the constraints of our current economic model

ShareLast month the South Asian political Action Committee at Tufts hosted an event with professor Partha Ghosh on “Solving the complex puzzle of growth: embracing modernity & preserving tradition in India & China.” The event not only had a great … Continue reading

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Celebrating International Women’s Day in South Asia

ShareAs the world celebrates International Women’s day today, a story that I put together while interning at GlobalPost comes to mind, on the “First Female Heads of State”. I could not help but notice that South Asia made it to … Continue reading

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Kashmir: the land of many truths

Share Kashmir, Qasmir or Casmere, the land of many names and far greater narratives. The land of many truths is a place of great beauty, caught in the web of a dysfunctional state government and at the crossroads of an … Continue reading

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Aakash: Reaching for the Sky

ShareI recently wrote an article about the “joy of e-books.”  Of course there were a lot of critical comments and the usual I love books and they will never die argument. Unfortunately I don’t buy this. And neither do the … Continue reading

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The New India? Whose India?

ShareAs I wrote in my earlier post, “the story of India is full of paradoxes” —We often talk of there being 2 India’s, usually referring to the income or social disparities. Shashi Tharoor takes this even further in his “Elephant … Continue reading

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