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Hope to see all of you at our roundtable, “Afghanistan’s Future: State Building and Security” at the Crowe Room, Gordon 310 at 7:00 PM on Thursday, November 3. This roundtable is based on suggestions by all of you and will be lead by Pashtoon Latif, a senior at Tufts University.

After a decade of foreign military intervention and efforts by the international community, the Afghan state continues to depend on its international partners. Despite billions of dollars in aid, state institutions and its security forces still remain fragile and unable to provide human security, good governance and the rule of law. As the security situation is getting worse, even in the areas regarded as relatively safe, policy makers in Washington and other Western capitals seek to find a ways out of an increasingly unpopular war.

In the 2010 Lisbon summit, NATO leaders agreed to withdraw the majority of the 138,000 international troops from Afghanistan by the end of 2014. The question to which the international community does not yet have a concrete answer is whether the Afghan government would be ready to take the responsibility of securing their country against the Taliban insurgency.

Will the Afghan security forces be ready to take the lead after 2014? How can this transition affect the lives of ordinary Afghans? What does it mean for other countries in the region?

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