Conference Team

Ana Del Real

Ana Del Real
Ana is a master’s degree student at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, in the International Business program. Her fields of study are Strategic Management and Consulting and Development Economics. She has combined these fields with Innovation and Technology Policy, looking to specialize in how to promote innovation, entrepreneurship and development from a public policy perspective. She has experience in Foreign Direct Investment promotion and worked for the Mexican government before coming to Fletcher. She holds a BA in International Business from San Diego State University.

Anisha Baghudana

Anisha Baghudana is a first-year MIB student at Fletcher, pursuing concentrations in strategic management consulting and development economics. Her interests lie in doing business at the BOP and private sector development in frontier markets, with a geographical focus on South and South East Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. Prior to Fletcher, Anisha was a marketer at Procter and Gamble, Singapore, working on developing and emerging markets such as Indonesia, Philippines, India, China, Thailand and Malaysia. She also has experience in consulting with start-ups in Ghana and ICT4D research in Indonesia.

Diego Ortiz

Diego OrtizDiego strongly believes that creativity and innovation are the engines that move communities toward prosperity. For that reason his research is focused on understanding the key elements of the private and public sector’s collaboration to create “innovation ecosystems”. Through his experience in the Mexican government Diego worked on public policy, designing and implementing regional development programs to promote private sector development. Moreover, Diego’s experiences in the private sector include research work and strategic consultancy in multinational companies such as: the German company Volkswagen and the Japanese company Hitachi. He will graduate with a master’s degree in International Affairs in 2014.

Gautham Ravichander

Gautham Ravichander
Gautham is a Master’s student at the Fletcher School with a focus on addressing social and physical infrastructure deficits in emerging markets through market based approaches. During his time at Fletcher he has focused on the use of social enterprise models to extend housing services to underserved populations. He has experience leading projects focused on improving urban infrastructure through public accountability and citizen participation in India.

Kate Fedosova

Kate FedosovaKate is a Schmidheiny Global Business Fellow at the Fletcher School, where she is focused on innovation management, inclusive business, and development economics. Her research explores strategies for scaling innovation to reach under-served populations in emerging and frontier markets. Kate has international experience working in three languages and over twenty countries for a boutique global mobility consulting firm and a youth development organization she founded. She has been recognized for her work by the Clinton Global Initiative.

Katherine Hallaran

Katie HallaranKatherine Hallaran is a first year MALD candidate concentrating on international business relations and human security. Prior to starting at Fletcher, Katherine spent four years in Southeast Asia founding and facilitating the growth of two social enterprise projects, an educational bicycle tour and a vocational training coffee shop. Katherine has spent three years working with NGOs, in public health and disaster risk reduction. She believes in the potential for social change through business, and is looking forward to working in the intersection between for-profit and non-profit.

Ricky Varghese

Ricky began his career technology consulting for the big film studios in sunny Los Angeles. While he thoroughly enjoyed his adventures, and working with bright and interesting people on the film lots, he wanted more fulfillment. A brief volunteercation in India and a well-timed mentor's comment convinced him to leave LA, the beach and consulting, for the a small town on the shores of Lake Victoria in Kenya doing microfinance in urban slums and rural villages. This, and other experiences in impact investing, showed him the light and dark sides of how business and financial capital can be used for social impact. He remains convinced that businesses are evolving to create financial and social value, the trick bring to implement the right incentives. He will graduate with a masters degree in International Business in 2014.

Uzair Younus

Uzair Younus is a first year student at the Fletcher School focusing in International Security Studies. Prior to joining Fletcher, Uzair worked as a Technology Consultant for Deloitte Digital as an analyst focusing on bridging the gap between business and technology. During the course of many projects Uzair focused on understanding business needs and problems. He utilized this knowledge to work with technical teams and proposing solutions that helped clients improve the use of technology in their organizations. At Fletcher, Uzair is focusing on the potential risks and disruptions to international trade due to rising global security threats, particularly in South West Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa.

Yuan-Ting Meng

Yuan-Ting MengYuan-Ting is a first year MALD candidate at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, concentrating on international development and public & NGO management. Her interest lies in how traditional development aid may be revitalized by public-private partnership and to incorporate the model of social enterprise/impact investment. Prior to Fletcher, Yuan-Ting held traineeship at the European External Action Service and at International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF), Taiwan's development aid agency, for a partnership project on public health. She is also an English editor for Social Enterprises Insights, the first Mandarin-based online portal from Taiwan for social enterprise and innovation.

Yuko Hirose

Yuko Hirose is a MA Candidate at the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, concentrating in Development Economics and International Business. Having a deep interest in innovative strategies to enhance access to healthcare and financial services for underserved populations in developing countries, she has worked with and learned from microfinance institutions in South Asia and volunteers as a consultant for TechnoServe. Prior to Fletcher, Yuko worked in the Life Sciences & Healthcare team at Deloitte Consulting, where she had the opportunity to launch the Tokyo office’s first pro bono program.

Yvonne Durbin

Yvonne Durbin is a first year Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy candidate at the Fletcher School. She is focusing her studies on International Trade and Commercial Policies and Finance and Banking. Yvonne previously held an internship at a public private partnership focused on attracting businesses to Washington, DC which fueled her interest in scaling. She completed her undergraduate degree at the George Washington University in International Relations and German language.