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Letter about the SIS User Experience Surveys from Martha L. Pokras and Dawn Geronimo Terkla

September 24, 2012

As you know, Tufts is in the midst of replacing its student information system, a task considered to be one of the most complex systems initiatives that any university can undertake.  The new Integrated Student Information System, which we have named iSIS, will be operational for 2013/14.  Our goal is to create a system that supports the needs of students, faculty and staff.  We are focused on establishing a modern, flexible platform that delivers key functions today and sets the stage for technical innovations in the coming years.  For iSIS to support students at the high level of service to which they are accustomed, we need to identify over a long term where iSIS succeeds and how it is limited.

The SIS Project, in close consultation with the Office of Institutional Research and Evaluation, would like to evaluate and compare how students, faculty and staff across the university experience SIS today as well as how they will experience iSIS in the coming years.  We would like to administer one survey to each group this October and administer a similar survey next fall and two years from now.  By reaching out to all students, faculty and staff who use SIS, SIS Online, or HSF Online today (and iSIS tomorrow), we can define success as the improvement of experiences over time.

This survey is not designed to capture the desires or expectations for iSIS from our students, faculty, and staff.  Nor does this survey evaluate our learning management systems (TUSK or Trunk), financial systems (PowerFAIDS), or other complementary systems, e.g., WebCenter, Portfolio, or the like.  This survey intentionally focuses on the student information system that we currently use.

Please find below three versions of the 2012 SIS User Experience Survey, one each for students, faculty and staff:

Each survey will be available to all invited participants for one month. To initiate the survey period and encourage participation, we would like your help reaching out to your constituents at department and faculty meetings.

We have copied the SIS Project Steering Committee representative from your school who can answer any questions you may have.  Of course, you may also reach out to us.


Martha L. Pokras
Executive Director of Planning & Administration
Dawn Geronimo Terkla
Associate Provost for Institutional Research, Assessment & Evaluation


SIS User Experience Survey Timeline

  • Monday, October 1: Begin survey period; Distribute Survey 1 to Students, Faculty and Staff
  • Monday, October 15, 2012: Send reminder to Students, Faculty and Staff
  • Wednesday, October 31, 2012: End of Survey Period (at midnight)
  • Fall 2013: Distribute Survey 2 to Students, Faculty and Staff
  • Fall 2014: Distribute Survey 3 to Students, Faculty and Staff