The Benefits of iSIS

Tufts’ new Integrated Student Information System (iSIS) has been designed to support the needs of Tufts’ students, faculty, and schools. iSIS completely replaces the student records portion of legacy (“old”) SIS, which includes grades, records, transcripts, graduation and advising. iSIS completely revises how students view their financials, and it includes technical interfaces to all Tufts admissions systems and financial aid systems. iSIS also interacts with a new data warehouse, which enhances our ability to report institutional data to federal and state agencies.

While the concept of “integration” is not new for Tufts, iSIS marks the start of a new era for student services, one that relies on an integrated connection between people and data. Learn more about the SIS Project timeline.

Selected Benefits

Dependable and Secure Technology

  • The technical architecture that underpins iSIS is designed to be more available and dependable.
  • iSIS reduces risk associated with conducting university business on an outdated, fragile software system.

Integrated with Other Tufts Systems

  • iSIS authenticates students, faculty and staff with their Tufts UTLN, the same ID and password you use to access library resources and services such as Trunk, TUSK, Elist, Spark wikis and blogs and the Tufts wireless network.
  • iSIS identifies students, faculty and staff using the Tufts ID, a number that synchronizes iSIS with the PeopleSoft systems that support Human Resources and Finance. Having a single numerical identifier helps clarify a person’s record and eliminates redundancies.

An Improved Student Record

  • iSIS unifies courses, advising, transcripts, student financials, personal information, and more. Depending on your school, students may be able to manage all of these functions in one place.
  • As a result of the SIS Project, students who register for eRefunds can manage their refunds more efficiently. Get started today at

Administrative Efficiency

  • The iSIS implementation has required significant examination of all administrative business processes related to SIS. This effort has helped us eliminate redundant systems and streamline some processes.
  • At some schools, iSIS eliminates the need to manually enter (or re-enter) data into the system.
  • iSIS enables more consistent student reporting across Tufts schools.

Designed with Academic Innovation and Course Management in Mind

  • iSIS supports academic innovation; its flexible technical architecture allows us to modify and support changes in academic policy that were not possible in legacy SIS.


  • The partnerships formed in the design and implementation of iSIS hold promise for creative and effective collaboration in the future. We can build upon the cross-school relationships formed during the SIS Project to enhance the services we provide to our students and faculty and to enable us to develop additional online services in the coming years.