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Tufts VPN and SIS

For Tufts University staff who do not have a student, faculty, or advisor role: If you are working off-campus, you will need to connect to Tufts’ SSL VPN  before you can connect to SIS.

Students, faculty, and advisors can access their content without a VPN connection.



We have created the following types of documentation to help guide you through fundamental system processes using SIS (hover over thumbnail to view larger image):

Quick Guides Workflows Online Tutorials Glossary

Quick Guides


Online Tutorials
Step-by-step job aids that fit on 1-2 sheets of paper. Perfect for posting by your desk. Workflows map out system processes, and are helpful for visualizing the process. Online Tutorials can be done at any time, from anywhere. For off campus users, first log in to the Tufts’ SSL VPN.
Your go-to reference for SIS-specific terms and acronyms.


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SIS Basics
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