SIS Documentation for Student Records

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Student Records Administrative Staff will use SIS for the following areas: Course Catalog, Schedule of Classes, Managing Student Academic Data, Advisement, Transcript/Grading/Graduation, and Self-Service: Transcript/Grading/Graduation.

Online Tutorials – See It! Try It! Print It!

Use the SIS Student Records Online Tutorials.
For off-campus users, first log in to the Tufts SSL VPN.

Quick Guides and Workflows

Course Catalog
Creating a Course Catalog Entry Quick Guide Workflow
Defining Enrollment Course Lists Quick Guide Workflow
Defining Enrollment Requirements Quick Guide Workflow
Defining Enrollment Requirement Groups Quick Guide Workflow

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Schedule of Classes
Assigning Class Permissions Quick Guide Workflow
Copying the Prior Term Quick Guide Workflow
Scheduling a Class Quick Guide Workflow

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Managing Student Academic Data
Assigning and Maintaining Appointments for Individual Students Quick Guide Workflow
Creating Enrollment Appointments Quick Guide  Workflow
Maintaining Student Service Indicators Quick Guide
Quick Enrollment Quick Guide Workflow
Managing a Student’s Program and Term Quick Guide Workflow
Using Enrollment Request Search Quick Guide Workflow
Viewing the Program/Plan Stack Quick Guide Workflow
Processing Batch Enrollments Quick Guide      
Leave of Absence Request – Dean/Staff submitting for Student Quick Guide      
Adding Course Registration Overrides Quick Guide      
Viewing Grade Rosters Quick Guide      
Transfer of Credit Request for Faculty/Advisors Quick Guide      

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Adding Transcript Text Quick Guide
Completing a Student Program Manually Quick Guide
Generating Grade Rosters Quick Guide
Printing an Individual Transcript Quick Guide
Printing Batch Transcripts Quick Guide
Using the Process Monitor/Report Manager Features Quick Guide
Entering Grades Quick Guide

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