April 19 Memo from Patricia Campbell

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To:         All Faculty, Students and Staff on All Campuses
From:    Patricia L. Campbell, Executive Vice President
Re:         SIS Project: Implementing a New SIS for Tufts
Date:     April 19, 2012

Our Student Information System (SIS) underpins student services on all Tufts campuses and affects almost every aspect of student life at Tufts.

The Student Information System we use today is outmoded and is no longer supported by the original vendor. In addition, it impedes our ability to support changes to academic policy and to provide modern, technological solutions to our students and faculty. To position Tufts for academic and technical innovations in the coming years, Tufts is investing in a new SIS. The SIS Project, well underway, aims to implement the new, PeopleSoft administrative and technical infrastructure that will provide Tufts with a modern, flexible SIS that complements the personal support we like to provide. This project is the most complex systems initiative that any university can undertake. Its implementation requires a great deal of time and effort, and will require our patience.

Our Team

Hard at work since July 2011, the SIS Project team includes student-services leaders and technology experts from all Tufts schools, University Information Technology (UIT), and Central Administration. Team members are temporarily co-located at “SISville”, our flexible, “green”, and highly efficient project space on the Medford/Somerville campus. In addition to these dedicated individuals, over 100 subject-matter experts from all schools and campuses have participated in the project to help us understand current business practices. We have also been supported by staff from Tufts’ ten student services teams who are working hard to support current students and faculty so that this project can move forward.

Where We Are Today

As development of the project continues, we are preparing ways to introduce the new SIS to our users – students, faculty, and staff. Opportunities to see, test, and learn about the new SIS began in April 2012 and will continue through the fall of 2013, at which time it will fully replace our current system. Visit our website (http://go.tufts.edu/sis/) to learn more about the SIS Project scope and timeline.

Where We Will Be Tomorrow

The Tufts community will move incrementally to the PeopleSoft-based SIS, with full implementation during the 2013-2014 academic year. There will be broad communications regarding training and various “go-live” dates as the project proceeds.

The new SIS will offer simplified sign-on, enhanced features in support of academic advising, facilitated transcript requests, and electronic refunds.

Get Involved

Your support and patience are greatly appreciated as this important work goes forward.