SIS Project FAQs

What is the Student Information System (SIS)?
The Student Information System (SIS) is Tufts’ legal “system of record” for student information for all schools, and it supports many student-related functions. This system is used by students, faculty, and staff for admissions, financial aid, grades/credits, student billing, and many other services.

Why do we need a new SIS?
Portions of the current Student Information System are 25 to 30 years old, though some modules have been refreshed and extended since then. The old system is cumbersome and inefficient to use, does not interface well with related, modern applications, and challenges us to provide needed cyber-security. In addition, it is difficult and risky to make changes to SIS, including modifications needed to support changes in academic policy.

What is the SIS Project?
In order to position Tufts for academic and technical innovations in the coming years, Tufts leaders made a strategic decision to invest in a new student information system.  The SIS Project is a university-wide effort to implement the new PeopleSoft-based SIS.  It is being led by Executive Director of Planning and Administration Martha Pokras.

Who is working on the new Integrated Student Information System (iSIS)?
iSIS is being designed by Tufts’ registrars, bursars, admissions, financial aid and student services personnel, and information technology experts. With guidance from CedarCrestone, our implementation partner, the SIS Project represents an unprecedented, cross-school collaboration.

Which schools are participating?
Each of these schools stores data in the SIS and is participating in the project: