The Tufts community moves to the new Integrated Student Information System (iSIS) in the 2013/14 academic year.  The project launched in July 2011, and is expected to last approximately 3 years.

Progress Made

Topic Expected Go-Live Launched
Course Catalog
The SIS Project’s first go-live: a system building block called “course catalog”. Course data is migrated and converted from the legacy SIS to iSIS. In addition, some student services administrators learn to manage and modify courses in iSIS. View Course Catalog Documentation.
August 2012
Admissions Interfaces
Nine technical interfaces will route information from Tufts’ admissions systems to iSIS. Undergraduate admissions will go first; all other schools will send admissions applications to iSIS before the end of October in the following order:
ASE Undergrad (live as of 9/12), Fletcher and PHPD (live as of 9/25-26), the Graduate School (live as of 10/1), the Cummings School and the Friedman School (live as of 10/17), the Sackler School (live as of 10/22), and the Dental school (live as of 10/25). View Admissions Documentation.
September – October 2012
9/12/12, 9/25-26/12, 10/1/12, 10/17/12, 10/22/12, 10/25/12
This go-live establishes admissions deposits from students who are accepted to Tufts this winter for the 2013/14 academic year. The data is established via a feed to iSIS from admissions offices in
conjunction with Sallie Mae, a vendor that provides Tufts with a deposit payment gateway. Overall, this wave of the SIS Project will be relatively straightforward, affecting student services’ staff in Dowling Hall and in the Boston Bursar’s office.
December 2012
Financial Aid: Student Interfaces
This student financials go-live establishes a data link that connects iSIS to PowerFAIDS, Tufts’ financial aid system. The current wave of work enables financial aid staff to view student admissions information in iSIS and send student data to PowerFAIDS. The work will be done in time to send financial aid letters to undergraduate early decision applicants.
December 2012
Schedule of Classes
iSIS revises how students, faculty and staff view Tufts’ Schedule of Classes. Once logged in to iSIS, members of the Tufts community will be able to view classes at all schools except the medical school (which will keep its MD courses in TUSK). The iSIS Schedule of Classes will also enable filtering on a granular level; users can easily modify their search to view courses offered at another Tufts school and to search for courses by term, time slot, department, or course attribute. The Schedule of Classes will be made available to the Tufts community (and to the public) in mid-March 2013, when Tufts students at seven schools will register for courses in iSIS.
This go-live makes the administrative view of the Schedule of Classes available to registrars and student services staff throughout the university. Department administrators in the schools of Arts and Sciences, and Engineering, will enter their courses through a custom web page that sends data directly to the AS&E Registrar via iSIS.
December 2012
Course Enrollment
On March 14, 2013, iSIS became available to students, faculty and staff on all campuses. On March 18, the Veterinary School was the first to use iSIS to enroll 4th year students into their required clinical rotations. This “block enroll” process added the 17-course “block of rotations” to the schedule of 99 students, for a total enrollment of 1,683 courses. On April 8, online registration opened at the School of Arts and Sciences, the School of Engineering, and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, in which students registered themselves. Finally, on April 22, registrars at the Sackler School, Friedman School, and TUSM Public Health and Professional Degree Programs opened online course registration and advising to students at their schools. View Student Documentation. View Faculty Documentation.
March 2013 3/14/13
Advisement Reports in iSIS provide students and faculty/advisors with a a summary of their degree requirements and courses taken. The Advisement Report rolled out at the Friedman School, the Sackler School, and TUSM’s Public Health and Professional Degree Programs in early April. It will roll out to undergraduates at the School of Arts and Sciences and School of Engineering in the fall.
March 2013
Financial Aid: Anticipated Aid/Outside Aid Interfaces May/June 2013
Billing, Cashiering and Other Financials June/July 2013
Billing Self-Service June/July 2013
Financial Aid: Disbursement Interfaces July 2013
Transcripts August/September 2013
Grading September – December 2013
Graduation November – December 2013