Updates and enhancements to iSIS


Date Faculty impact Student impact
August 2014 Class Roster for Administrators now displays all students in combined sections.  
August 2014 Improvements to the Academic Advisement Report. Improvements to the Academic Advisement Report.
July 2014   eRefund with Higher One.
July 2014 Improvements to the Class Roster.  
June 2014   Waitlist position displays on CLASSES tab.
June 2014 From the Find area, Faculty and Advisors can now view any Student’s Advisor(s).  
May 2014   Access to WebCenter on the mobile site.
April 2014 AS&E: Seven new reports added: six graduation summary reports and a Majors Listing by Organization report.  
April 2014 AS&E: Within the Majors Listing report, faculty can now sort by Academic Career.  
April 2014 AS&E: In the My Classes area, classes with different topics now display under one heading.  
April 2014 AS&E: In the My Advisees filtering area, when using the Email selected students tool, only visible and checked advisees will receive mail.  
March 2014   AS&E, PHPR, and NUTR:Self-enrolling for summer session classes.View the quick guide.
February 2014 AS&E: Accessing My Advisees tools and reports.View the quick guide.  
January 2014 AS&E: Access the Class Status and Majors Listing reports for your classes and departments. View the quick guide.  
December 2013 Fletcher, NUTR, and PHPD: Adjust incomplete or add missing grades from prior terms. View the quick guide.  
December 2013 Access the grade rosters and record grades for your classes. View the quick guide.  


Flyers to print and post!

January 2014 News Flyer 

Our Final Project Update

August – September 2013 News Flyer 

On August 19, 2013, iSIS becomes Tufts’ system of record for student academic and biographical data.

June – July 2013 News Flyer

On June 24, 2013, iSIS became Tufts’ system of record for student financial information.

April – May 2013 News Flyer

In March, iSIS became available to students and faculty/advisors at six Tufts schools: Arts and Sciences, Engineering, the Graduate School, Sackler, TUSM’s Public Health Programs, and the Friedman School. We also block enrolled students at Cummings. Moving past this major milestone, work continues with interfaces, financial aid, and more. Also included in this update is a copy of the new Timeline.

January – February 2013 News Flyer

The SIS Project team has its eyes on March. To prepare for fall 2013 course registration, iSIS will be made available to students and faculty at the schools of Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Nutrition, the Graduate School, the Sackler School, and the School of Medicine’s Public Health and Professional Degree Programs. In addition, the iSIS “course catalog” and “schedule of classes” will be made available to all at Tufts. In the SIS Project’s latest news flyer, you can read a summary of the usability testing that occurred on the student and faculty/advisor web interfaces, see a glimpse of SIS by the Numbers, and catch up on project Updates.


An Overview of iSIS for Administrators and Staff at Tufts

Information designed to introduce Tufts’ staff an administrators to iSIS.  Should you like to receive printed-copies of the Overview, please email sisproject@tufts.edu.


November – December 2012 News Flyer

Learn more about the new Course Catalog universe in Tufts’ Data Warehouse, which is being updated in tandem with the SIS Project. The new data is accessible to everyone who has access to the data warehouse today. In addition, learn about new iSIS documentation for staff. We are also developing a student and faculty/advisor portal that will streamline navigation and consolidate information, in time for the March go-lives.

STUDENTS: If you would like to participate in an hour-long usability test (and be among the first to see the new iSIS interface), contact sisproject@tufts.edu. Time slots are available the week of December 10 and will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.


September/October 2012 News Flyer

In the SIS Project’s latest news flyer, you can read about our progress to date, see our new timeline, and learn about a key benefit of the SIS Project: the Friedman School’s plan to migrate their Student Affairs office to the Health Sciences campus next fall. We’ve also revised our website to include information about iSIS, Tufts’ new Integrated Student Information System.

August 2012 News Flyer

Year One The SIS Project wrapped up its first year in July, taking some time to recognize the progress we have made and reflect on our work and collaboration.
Our First Go-Live: Course Catalog The first half of August was a countdown to our first go-live, a system building block called “course catalog” that will enable a handful of student services administrators to manage and modify courses in iSIS.
Progress with Data Conversion Conversion represents a major component of the catalog project (and an underlying, critical component of the SIS Project).

July 2012 News Flyer

July 2012 News FlyerWHAT IS iSIS?  iSIS is the name of Tufts’ new Integrated Student Information System.
“COURSE CATALOG” The SIS Project will oversee its first go-live in August: a system building block called “course catalog”.
TECHNICAL INTERFACES CONNECTING iSIS TO ADMISSIONS At Tufts, almost all student data originates in admissions.  As a benefit to the SIS Project, the dental and medical schools are implementing a new, electronic process that eliminates the need for manual data entry.
TRAINING Training fosters practical experience in the skills necessary to use iSIS and is coordinated with local student services staff, at all Tufts schools, on all three campuses.
STUDENT FINANCIALS: eREFUNDS Tufts recently implemented eRefunds, a new system that allows students to receive refunds electronically.
STUDENT RECORDS: CONFERRAL DATES The SIS Project made a collaborative decision, on the part of its registrars and Steering Committee, in consultation with Academic Deans, to promote three conferral dates per year, but to manually support where necessary a fourth conferral date.

Summer 2012 SIS Project Update

SIS Project Update Summer 2012The Role of Admissions

In the new integrated SIS (iSIS) almost all student data will originate from admissions.
For many Tufts schools today, this delivery happens electronically and is practically
invisible. Moving to PeopleSoft opens up possibilities for schools that aren’t currently
taking advantage of electronic delivery.

The Critical Step of Conversion

For the new integrated SIS (iSIS) to functional properly, a significant amount of student-related data that
exists in the old SIS will need to live in iSIS. This data will be converted to iSIS over a year long period,
beginning in August 2012 and ending in August 2013.




SIS Project Update March April 2012

March/April 2012 SIS Project Update

Rebuilding our SIS Infrastructure Our  (SIS) underpins student services on all Tufts campuses and affects almost every aspect of student life at Tufts. Because SIS affects almost every aspect of student life at Tufts – from admissions to graduation – implementing a new SIS infrastructure will enhance our ability to support students and faculty and collaborate on interdepartmental or cross-school programs.

Building New SIS: One Step at a Time To accurately rebuild SIS, we need to design a system that reflects Tufts’ current academic landscape. Though this article focuses on one topic – course enrollment – the SIS Project team has identified nearly 150 unique processes that deserve the same level of review.


Over the course of the iSIS implementation project, the SIS Project Update will provide information about SIS and its importance to Tufts.