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Silent Spring – Rachel Carson [Amazon][NRDC summary][Silent Spring Institute]

Our Stolen Future – Theo Colborn, Diane Dumanoski, & J.P. Myers [Amazon][website]

Slow Death by Rubber Duck – Rick Smith, Bruce Lourie, Sarah Dopp [Amazon][Toxin Toxout]

Living Downstream – Sandra Steingraber [Amazon]

Hormonal Chaos – Sheldon Krimsky [Amazon][Book review in Nature Medicine]

The Structure of Scientific Revolutions РThomas Kuhn [Amazon][PDF]

The Growth of Biological Thought – Ernst Mayr [Amazon][PDF]

Darwin’s Dangerous Idea¬† – Daniel C. Dennett [Amazon][PDF]

Ever Since Darwin – Stephen Jay Gould [Amazon]

The Wisdom of Insecurity – Alan Watts [Amazon]