Theoretical Biology

In 1995 A. Soto and C. Sonnenschein took a Sabbatical leave to write a book on cell proliferation and cancer (C. Sonnenschein and A.M. Soto, “The Society of Cells” published in 1999). We realized how little, if any of the theoretical content of research is made explicit by the biologists working in these areas of research. Extracting the hidden assumptions from these research papers was indeed quite difficult. This activity prompted our interest in this subject and during Dr. Soto’s 2003 sabbatical at the Centre Cavailles (Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, France) She started to work on epistemological issues in cancer research and then on ontological issues in biology. From these activities we started a strong collaborative project with Prof. G. Longo (Centre Cavaillès) a mathematician and theoretical biologist and Prof. P.-A. Miquel (Univ. Toulouse, France), a philosopher of science. As incumbent of the Blaise Pascal Chair of Biology 2013-5 Dr. Soto co-ordinates the activities of a working group whose goal is to formulate a theory of organisms (


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