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In Japan, there is a word that mean both space AND time: “MA” (間). That’s just plain cool. Now let’s practice. A Himorogi is a Shinto alter. What makes Himorogi different from votives of the Virgin Mary, for example, is that Himorogi is all about the binding and demarcating of “empty” space (I know you looking at […]


South African hood rats. Now you’re mind is racing—fabulous farce or gen-u-wine? I say who cares, postmodernity is playground, but check the follow up.


Imagine you are a code-wizard, an uber hacker. What would you do? You may have seen this logo before, floating around the net, and if you haven’t, you will. Like the fist of solidarity, it represents a set of beliefs and a philosophy of action, much like Anonymous. Here’s the scoop. The anime film Ghost […]

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When it comes down to it, public space is an endangered species in these days of Late Capitalism. Reclaiming it, however, can be a blast. The Boston HONK! Festival has proved this 5 years in a row with its tradition of bombarding and reclaiming public space using wild music, outrageous costumes, and irresistible dancing. Technically, it is a festival of […]


If you read my post about the philosophy of hacking and hacktivism, then lets go a step further: Hackerspaces. I’ll be brief. Hackerspaces are places filled with the tools, materials, and environment to crafts, hack, build, and tinker. They are part of a movement known as co-working. You see, as more and more jobs can be […]


“The Elvis of cultural theory,” indeed. From Lacanian psychoanalysis to marxism and the end of the world, Zizek is a refreshing breath of Continental philosophy for us Americans. The above film is a documentary about the man. He also made a film “The Perverts Guide to Cinema,” but if you want a serious overhaul on […]


Inflatables are an interesting way to make space. On the one hand, they are visually powerful and massive. On the other hand, they are soft, puffy, and temporary. What’s not to love? One of my favorite examples is by architect Kengo Kuma, whose work is characterized by semi-transparency and playing with the concept of a […]


Even with the recent international popularity of Stieg Larsson’s books, Hacking for social justice or a brighter tomorrow is not a mundane notion for most of us. There is a large degree of misunderstanding surrounding hacking, most of which has to do with a semantic confusion between “cracking” (maliciously meddling) and “hacking” (curiosity driven exploration and […]


This guy, Pierre Sernet, is a performance artist. He serves tea—anywhere. His portable japanese tea room is a slight 2 tatami mats in size with a thin wooden frame standing in for walls and roof. Notice how his transparent box does a better job of cordoning off the little world than walls of stone or steel ever could. visit: […]