Additional articles on open office spaces suggested by Krzysztof Sliwa include:

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• An  example of an open office design according to Swedish guidelines.
The guidelines for the space:
– There are many ancillary spaces which add needed functionality and are an inherent part of this open cluster. They include:

touch-down      open conference room
samtal                closed space for conversations/ meetings
Mote                   video-conference room
tel-room             telephone meeting room
pentry                 kitchen area + pantry

The basic rules are::

i) 13-16 m2 per person (sum of all areas – desks, shelves, conference rooms, video rooms, telephone rooms, pantry et cetera divided by the number of people occupying the space)

ii) max 8-10 people working in a single open space; groups of max 4 desks should be separated with acoustic dampening materials (partitions, shelves et cetera)

iii) between groups of mamimum 2 x 4 desks there are inserted areas which serve two purposes – i) damp the noise and ii) add needed functionality (conference room, small rooms for closed (private) conversation, telephone meeting rooms; chairs and sofas with soft surfaces to damp the sound)

iv) for each 8-10 people there should be 1 conference room, or 1 meeting room; also closed spaces for more private conversations, telephone meetings et cetera

v) kitchen/pantry equipped with a full size sink; refrigerator with a freezer, microwave oven, trash can, table and chairs, et cetera

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