Suggested Uses

Using the Spark mediaMarkups tool you can load any video or audio media to this website and publish it for others to provide annotations relating to the media at specific time locations.

Suggested uses for this tool are:

Providing Feedback on a Student Performances

For example, instructors at the Tufts Medical School will film their students as they examine standardized patients. The resulting video is then posted to Spark where the student, the instructor, and peers, can view the video and provide comments on the students performance. The MediaMarkups tool allows the observer to relate their comment to a particular moment, or “timestamp”, within the video.

Allowing Students to Annotate Recorded Lectures

Recording lectures to be published on websites for archiving and review purposes is becoming common practice as many educational institutions. Posting your lecture recordings on Spark mediaMarkups allows your students to annotate the recording with their own reflections and comments at specific points in the lecture.

Creating Video or Audio Indexes of Your Media

A simple use of Spark mediaMarkups would be to provide your viewers with an index of video or audio segments within your recording. This would act in a very similar way to “chapter menus” as are provided on most DVDs.

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