Wikis Suggested Uses

Ideas for Wikis

A wiki is simply a web page or site that is fully editable from a browser using a very simple “mark-up” language. Its strength is that it allows small groups to add, revise, and edit web content, so it is a natural tool for most collaborative writing activities. Like a web site, it allows for non-linear linking of individual wiki pages. Whenever a wiki page is edited, a new version of the page is created with the old version being archived for the site editors’ reference.

* Demonstrate the evolution of thought processes through the different versions of a wiki page.
* Create a collaborative knowledge base that can be added to over time and across courses.
* Helps small groups of students develop a project, collect ideas, papers, timelines, documents, datasets, and study results into a collective digital space.
* Assists with small group problem-solving and brainstorming.

Some examples:

  • Wikipedia The most well-known wiki on the Internet is a wiki-based encyclopedia.
  • Romantic Audience ProjectBowdoin students contribute to this growing wiki on Romantic Poetry.
  • Design Patterns of Social Computing Class-based wiki on social computing.
  • ENGL 3177/5177: Blogs and Wikis This English course taught by MC Morgan at Bemidji State University in Minnesota is used like a course management system in that the syllabus, student writing, external links, photos, and blog (called a Daybook) are all linked through the use of a wiki.
  • Matt Barton Wiki Barton, an assistant professor of English at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota, uses this wiki for links to his courses, scholarly work, unpublished print essays, and his writing philosophy.
  • Stop Extell! A wiki/knowledgebase for West Siders for Responsible Development, Inc., a group protesting plans to build two towering buildings in New York.
  • Hilarys Wikispace Example of co-authored paper using a wiki. The authors are Hilary Wilder and Sharmila Pixy Ferris of William Paterson University.

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