Specializd Statistics Resouces

Often researchers will need access to functionality that isn’t found in commercial statistics packages. This problem varies quite a bit and is meet with specialized solutions by the statistical community. These solutions are often cutting edge, reflecting new statistical research. Most stats packages allow some form of macro authorship. This works to a point and often provides a just in time solution. Well known examples include Matlab’s scripting language, SAS IML, GAUSS, Stata, Splus and R. Yet others will seek stand alone solutions in one form or another. These range from public domain C, C++, Fortran, and Java research subrountines to stand-alone programs with various user interfaces.
The goal of this blog is to list references and short descriptions of various solutions that may offer additional insights into your research and the statistical methods, and maybe even save you some time. About a dozen or so topics some to mind and I hope to address them shortly.
These posts are not intended as statistical guidance nor endorsment. Most problems are best addressed by the advice of an experienced practioner in the relevant field.

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