Data Mining the Weka way….

There is no one tool that is considered superior for purposes of Data Mining. Data Mining means different things to different displines and as a result, many solutions to different kinds of problems exist. A simple working definition of Data Mining is one that uses various tools to uncover structure from large amounts(tens of millions to billions of records) of high dimensional data(100s, 1000s or more variables) obtained as a consequence of natural or human systems under interaction. The explosion of data storage and acquistion over the last 30 years has created datasets from all areas of human investigation. The potential and incentive for understanding these structures presents research and business arbitrage opportunities. Weka is a collection of Machine Learning Algorithms written in Java. An interactive Gui is provided as well as a command line invocation capability for running multiple jobs. The tools offered in the base version of Weka is extensive. Data management, database connectivity, clustering, visualization, network modeling, prediction tools and validation methods are among its many features.
Weka is available at

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