Spatial point process modeling via spatstat

Spatial point pattern data are common across many areas of research. Software for extensive modeling is sparse and spread out across many disiplines. spatstat is a unified collection of tools developed from a modern persepective on spatial statistics. spatstat is a contributed R package. And like many of these packages, tools are provide for exploratory data analysis, point process specific graphical displays, and maximum pseudolikelihood model-fitting methods and diagnostics. Model formulation via Gibbs point processes allow one to address homogeneous and inhomgeneous Poisson, Strauss(hard and soft), Cox processes and others. Consideration and inclusion of covariates and multitype point patters(groups) are possible. The focus is on the definition and formulation of the conditional intensity function depending upon location, trend and interaction. Standard summary space functions and multitype versions of the empty space function F and variants G, K, J are available.

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