NEOS: AMPL and GAMS server

GAMS (General Algebraic modeling system) is a high level mathemaitcal and optimization programming system. It was orginally developed by the World Bank and has since been further developed by Gams Developement Corp. Problems that can be cast as optimization problems can find a home in GAMS. Dozens of optimization solvers are available for specialized large scale problems. Check the Model Library for subject specific examples. AMPL is similar to GAMS and newer in its developement. Both offer various licensing options in addition to demo or student licenses. NEOS is a free Dept. of Energy computational server hosting GAMS and AMPL code execution. Several interface options are available for submitting codes. The easiest is the web interface to a particular solver of interest. These interfaces are not a subsitute for a license, since there are some restrictions, but may be enough for your problem setting.

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