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SOLAR stands for Sequential Oligogenic Linkage Analysis Routines. SOLAR addresses genetic variance components analysis, including linkage analysis, quantitative genetic analysis, and covariate screening. Two basic types of linkage analysis are available, Twopoint and Multipoint. Maximum Likelihood estimation, Monte Carlo Simulations and Bayesian Model Averaging are some of the options available to address model formation and screening. SOLAR is available on Tufts Bioinformatic Server where larger computational intensive jobs may be run.

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CsPro – Census.Gov survey program

CSPro (Census and Survey Processing System) is a public-domain MS Windows software package for entering, editing, tabulating and mapping census and survey data. For those interested in a facility to capture and record new data, CsPro offers a simple interface to support this task. Support for survey Cross Tabulation is available but limited in scope. The other notable feature is the Mapping capability and viewer. Note, this package is not a complete statistical processing option nor an alternative to a GIS solution. Export of selected data/variables as ascii delimited files is available for input to other packages, such as SAS, SPSS.

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