SAS Genetics at Tufts

After surveying departmental chairs at the Tufts Medical School and Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences, UIT has purchased the licensing of the SAS Genetics module as an add-on to the SAS Educational Analytic Suite software bundle that Tufts renews every year. The SAS Genetics module is now available, at no additional cost to users, for installation with every SAS license that has been purchased under Tufts’ annual volume license renewal. The only restriction pertains to the SAS version in use. SAS has only released the Genetics module for SAS version 9.2 32-bit and SAS version 9.2 64-bit. Therefore, use of the new SAS Genetics module may require upgrading to one of these 2 versions of SAS. Please contact your local FSP(IT support person) if you need to purchase SAS or have SAS Genetics added to your current SAS installation.

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