I enjoy the challenge of making detailed scientific results easy to understand for those that may not be classically trained as a scientist. I have taught at many levels: informally as an outreach educator for a science museum, formally as an instructor of an undergraduate chemistry laboratory, and in my current position I lead continuing education workshops and trainings for high school biology teachers.

At Tufts University I have worked as a teaching assistant for graduate level courses. In this role I learned new ways to communicate science to students through lectures and discussions. Below are the courses I have assisted with at the Friedman school. For a complete list of my teaching experience please see my LinkedIn profile.

SPRING 2012 & 2013:

Nutrition in the Lifecycle 
Professor: Dr. Jennifer Truong
This course covers nutrition issues from preconception throughout life, with a particular emphasis on nutrition correlates of normal growth and development and on the consequences of under and over nutrition. It briefly considers the role of nutrition in the context of the normal physiologic changes that occur with aging.

Nutrition and Chronic Disease
Professors: Dr. Jennifer Truong (2012) / Dr. Edward Saltzman (2013)
This course covers issues in modern nutrition, public health and chronic disease. We will focus on the major non-infectious diseases present in Western countries that are caused by modifiable lifestyle choices and the role that diet plays in maintenance of health and the risk of chronic diseases.

FALL 2010

Graduate Biochemistry
Professor: Dr. Brian Schaffhausen 
This course provides a graduate-level discussion of the structure and function of biologically important molecules. Problems of protein and nucleic acid biochemistry are emphasized.



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