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Dudley Square Public Market

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Locating the public market in the historic train shed requires relocating the bus station across the street. This creates better vehicular and pedestrian traffic flow, increasing the vitality of the square as a central hub in Roxbury.
The Public Market becomes a destination and the stalls create opportunity for local entrepreneurs to have a startup space. The market incorporates the Food Project and its youth programs and presentations.
The Silver Line service is submerged underground. Designed to accommodate future subway line into Dudley Square the new station has street access on both sides of Dudley Street. The station becomes a location for local artist to exhibit their work with the possibility of having their work permanently installed as part of the station experience. The new above ground bus station is designed to reduce traffic speed and congestion around Dudley Square while increasing density and life on the site. Bus traffic is redirected to an area better suited for high volume.
New housing along the new Cliff Street connects the existing residential neighborhood to the expanded square. The new housing block includes a mix of single occupancy and family units.
The street is designed to slow traffic around the square, provide better crossing points for pedestrians with separate bike lanes. The sidewalks have been widened and the crosswalks are clearly delineated. The wider sidewalks at the corner provide a perfect location for bio-remediation swales which filter the storm water from the streets.


Underground Station

Bus Station

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