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Academic Year Workshops

Saturday Workshops
The CEEO hosts 3 hour workshops on a couple of Saturdays each semester. The programs include robotics workshops for students in grades 1-8, workshops for students & parents, and workshops for educators. We provide a variety of themed sessions each semester.

After-School Programs
Our after-school programs are organized to give students the opportunity to learn about the engineering design process through a series of fun activities. The activities progress from stability building exercises using LEGO bricks to challenges using the robotic LEGO pieces. Each program ends with an open-ended design challenge.

Home-School Programs
These programs are designed to teach home-school students about the engineering design process and related principles. Over 6 sessions, students are given challenges to build their understanding of the design process and improve their skills with the robotic LEGO pieces and accompanying icon-based software.

Summer Programs

Co-Ed Robotics
CEEO usually offers two one-week sessions for kids going into grades 3-7. These full-day sessions will run from 9 to 3 on Monday through Friday and cost $550. This session will help students design, build, and program using the engineering design process. Several open-ended challenges will be posed to the students throughout the week. They will use standard LEGO bricks, programmable LEGO bricks, and other materials to complete these design challenges. The week will start with activities focusing on stability in design and move to other topics, such as, gearing, weight distribution, and momentum, as the students incorporate programming and motors into their designs.

Early Elementary Robotics
CEEO usually offers two sessions of Early Elementary Robotics for children going into first and second grade. Each workshop will run for 3 half-days and cost $150. This session introduces students to the engineering design process as they build and program with standard LEGO bricks and a programmable LEGO brick. Their projects will help them gain exposure to hands-on, open-ended design projects. First, students will focus on stable building and an introduction to programming. Then, students will work on a project to be shared at the open-house during the last day of class.

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