Caitlin Duffy
Name: Caitlin Duffy
Major: Environmental Engineering and French
Class of: 2018
Favorite STOMP memory: Every time I’ve worked the STOMP table for Tufts Community Day. I love the free food, candy pushers, and kids with crazy face paint.

Name: Eva Philips
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Class of: 2018
Favorite STOMP memory: My fondest memory of STOMP was when a student of mine ran after me at the end of the last day of class to hand me a personal thank you note telling me how much he had learned through out the semester.
 Eva Philips

Shannon Rose Geary
Name: Shannon Rose Geary
Major:  Biochemistry, Pre-med
Class of: 2019
Favorite STOMP memory: Watching a classroom of 32 fourth graders collectively gasp with amazement when they figured out how circuits/short circuits worked! 

Name: Katherine McMurray
Major: Chemical Engineering
Class of: 2017
Favorite STOMP memory: One semester in STOMP, a group of fifth grade girls in my class, who had started out unsure that they would be interested in engineering, came up to me during our last class and told me that they wanted to be engineers and scientists when they grew up. Just knowing that I had a small, but real impact in their lives made me realize how important and rewarding the STOMP program is.
Katherine McMurray

Name: Emma
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Class of:  2017
Favorite STOMP memory: In running the Girls Fix the World workshop in tandem with SWE, it was truly incredible to see middle school aged girls play, laugh, and explore STEM topics in an open and supportive environment. As one girl was being picked up, her mother said of her prosthetic leg project, “this is amazing” and the daughter responded, “it was amazing!” STOMP provided me with the ability to share my love of STEM with young girls and children in general. Nothing beats watching kids really start to troubleshoot, problem solve, and have fun with engineering.

Name: Thomas “Tommy” George
Major: Chemical Engineering
Class of: 2019
Favorite STOMP memory: My favorite STOMP memory is from my first semester in STOMP. During a rocket building activity, one student had finished his rocket and became distracted by stamps. He was covering his desk, himself, and his classmates with these stamps when I intervened, inviting him to direct his artistic energies into drawing a more detailed diagram of his rocket. I left him to work on that, and circled the classroom only to be very pleasantly surprised when I returned. Not only had he drawn his rocket, but also he included an accurate free-body diagram of his rocket in flight, using the forces we had discussed in class (thrust, drag, gravity). This student’s ability to intuitively extend upon the concepts introduced in class without much prompting has inspired me throughout my following semesters, serving as a good reminder that our students are capable of quite a lot!

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Name: Camille Mbayo
Major: Mechanical Engineering / Computer Science
Class of:  2018
Favorite STOMP memory: My favorite thing about STOMP is interacting with kids. There is nothing like seeing a kid finally understand a concept after playing around with materials. But my all time favorite is when a girl, who I thought was not enjoying the class, came up to me and told me she wanted to be an engineer, just like me, and that before that me she didn’t know she could. That moment made my heart melt. It made me realize that it’s important for kids to see people who like them in different fields. It also made me realize that you impact people even when you don’t think you do

Name: Rati
Major: Biochemistry
Class of: 2018
Favorite STOMP memory: My favorite STOMP memory is bringing an elderly immobile pug into the 5th grade classroom I was teaching in so the students could use their knowledge from our Disability Engineering and Simple Machines unit to help this dog walk around again. Each group constructed devices that were far more creative and comfortable than an ordinary wheelchair, and everyone loved having a dog come to school!

Name: Daisy Draper
Major: Environmental Engineering
Class of: 2018
Favorite STOMP memory: After spending the semester teaching a curriculum about electricity we challenged the students to build a model city from cardboard and other building materials. We then asked them to light it using their new knowledge of electricity. The incredibly creative designs of a police station, school, fire station, and town hall still impresses me

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