Name of Activity Ohm’s Law and Series Circuits
Author STOMP
Keywords circuit, electricity, Ohm’s Law, voltage, resistance, current
Subject Non-LEGO
Grade Level 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9+
Time 1 Hour Total
Brief Description Students will build a simple circuit using previous knowledge about electricity. They will use Ohm’s Law to analyze the circuit.
Lesson Objectives: – To introduce electricity, circuits, and electrical engineering.
– To apply Ohm’s law to real circuits.
Materials Needed: – 24 Gauge AWG wire, cut to 8 inch lengths w/stripped ends. Give each student group 5 – 6 8 inch pieces.
– 9V battery with connector plate.
– 2 1-Watt light bulbs with lamp bases.
– 2 Toggle switches.
– Alligator clip.
Preparation and Set Up: – Make a copy of the worksheet for each student.
– Prepare a demo circuit.

– Arrange students in groups of 2 – 3.

– Distribute materials.

Necessary Background Ohm’s Law describes the relationship between the voltage, current, and resistance of a circuit. This relationship is given in the relationship Voltage = Current x Resistance. Knowing this relationship, it is possible to find any of the three values as long as the other two are known.

Ohm’s Law

  1. Go though slides 6 – 8 of the attached Powerpoint
  2. Go over your demo circuit and calculate the current using Ohm’s law Current (amps) = Voltage/Resistance
    1. Voltage can be found on the side of a battery (9V for this activity).
    2. Resistance is about 81 ohms for each light bulb.
  3. Distribute the worksheets and materials and assist the students in creating the circuits and calculating the current using Ohm’s law.
Extensions or Modifications: Design on paper a circuit of your choice, using whatever size battery and resistors you want. Calculate the Voltage, Resistance and Current in your circuit. Your teacher will show you a circuit that she or she has built. Draw a circuit diagram representing it.
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