LEGO Planet Rotation Structures





Name of Activity

LEGO Planet Rotation Structures




LEGO, ROVs, rotation, model, structure, planets, solar system



Grade Level

K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


1 Hour Total

Brief Description

Students will assemble a rotating structure onto their pre-made LEGO ROVs.

Lesson Objectives:

– To observe a model of planet rotation.

– To experiment with designing.

Materials Needed:

Pre-organized LEGO kits

Pre-painted and labeled Styrofoam balls

Pre-made LEGO ROVs

Demonstration model with rotation structure

Preparation and Set Up:

– Arrange students in groups of two.

– Distribute materials.

Necessary Background


– Gears

– Bevel Gears

– Bushings

– Axles


  1. Students will work with the same partners as they did in “ROVing Away.”
  2. Review the solar system with the class.
  3. Tell the students that each group will be given a styrofoam planet.
  4. Each group will use a motor and gears, mounted on top of their rove, that will make the planet either revolve around the RCX or rotate around its axis.
  5. The styrofoam planet will be attached by sticking it onto a LEGO axle. That axle will be attached to a series of gears attached to the motor, through gears so that it rotates.
  6. Let students experiment with gears to create a planet that either revolves on it’s axis or revolves around the RCX.
  7. Tell students that they can change the speed of the revolutions by changing the gear structures.
    1. Ask students: what gear arrangement is faster? Which is slower?
    2. Ask students what speed is most appropriate for their planet.

  • Come together as a class and let each group demonstrate their machine and how they used gears to achieve their goal.
  • Reference 1

    Previous Activity (if applicable)

    Solar System Rotation and Revolution

    Umbrella Unit/Curriculum (if applicable)

    Solar System

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