Lincoln LEGO Land





Name of Activity

Lincoln LEGO Land




LEGO, structure, environment, Lincoln LEGO Land, sensors



Grade Level

K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


3 Hours Total

Brief Description

Students will use engineering knowledge gained throughout the previous lessons to create a LEGO structure as part of a class-chosen environment.

Lesson Objectives:


Materials Needed:

1 Team Challenge LEGO kit for each group of 2 – 4 students

Lincoln LEGO Land planning sheet (attached)

Lincoln LEGO Land Evaluation

Preparation and Set Up:



  1. Review past LEGO activities with the students, emphasizing the floowing:
    1. Building a sturdy car
    2. Programming for time
    3. Light sensors
    4. Touch sensors
    5. Designing

  • Present the design challenge to the students:
    1. Tell students that they will create their own classroom LEGO environment.
    2. Brainstorm ideas. A few examples are:
      1. Amusement Parks
      2. Toy Stores
      3. Pet Shops
      4. Zoos
      5. City/Town
      6. Mini-golf
      7. Airport
      8. Playground
      9. Circus

  • Agree upon an environment that the students want to create (you may want to have a classroom vote).
  • As a class, brainstorm ideas of structures that you want to include in your environment.
  • Assign each group one of the structures to create out of LEGOs so that there is no duplication.
  • Before building, give students the task of building a structure that includes at least one programming component. Use concepts learned throughout the year (sensors, timing, motors, etc.)
  • Have students plan their designs on the Lincoln LEGO Land Planning Sheet.
  • Check the plans and allow the teams to begin building and programming.
  • Encourage each student to add an individual element to their design.
  • When projects are complete have students fill out Lincoln LEGO Land Evaluation.
  • The final day, assemble all the structures and have students share their design with other students, teacher, parents, community members, administrators, etc.)
  • Students can make a booklet to share as well, including pictures of their designs.
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