Solar System Rotation and Revolution





Name of Activity

Solar System Rotation and Revolution




model, solar system, rotation, orbits, sun, revolution, motion



Grade Level

K, 1, 2, 3


2 Hours Total

Brief Description

Students will create a working model of the solar system.

Lesson Objectives:

To develop an understanding about planets rotating on their axes and their revolution around the sun within orbits.

Materials Needed:

Video of the solar system

Large, teacher made diagram of the solar system

Teacher made planet info cards

Picture of the planet.


Distance and order from sun

Planet before and after it

Amount of time for one rotation

Four planet markers for each planet (picture and name of planet

Tape Measures



Preparation and Set Up:

Make large solar system diagram.

Construct planet info cards.

Create planet markers.

Collect materials.

Arrange students into four groups.

Distribute materials to the class.

Necessary Background

Use online resources to find information on planets. Try as a resource.







  1. Show students video on solar system. This video should include information about rotation and revolution.
  2. Talk about the meaning of rotation and revolution.
  3. Ask the students:
    1. How can you demonstrate the motions in the solar system?

  • Break into groups and tell students that they can use anything in the classroom to aid their demonstration.
  • Students will be allowed approximately 10 minutes to complete the task.
  • Have each group present their demonstration.
  • After the group demonstrations, explain to students that they will recreate a model of the solar system’s motions by using themselves as the sun and planets.
    1. Assign individuals, or small groups of individuals to be a specific planet, or the sun.
    2. Each group will be given a ball of string, four planet marker cards, and a planet info card that tells them the length of string they should cut to replicate their planets orbit.
    3. Bring the class to a large open area.
      1. You could clear the classroom by pushing desks to the side, go outside, use gymnasium or multi-purpose room.

  • Decide where to place the sun first.
  • The “Planet” groups will use tape measures to determine how far away from the sun they should stand. Students should place their markers at 4 spots with the same radius from the sun where their orbit will be.
  • Have students place their strings to mark their orbits.
  • Each student group will choose one member to stand on their orbit in a straight line from the sun.
  • Using one student as an example show how the student would revolve around the sun while rotating on their axis.
  • Have nine the students orbit the sun, each representing a planet.
  • Have the class come together to discuss the difference between rotation and revolution. Students can write their explanations on a paper using words or diagrams.
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