Name of Activity Music Box
Author STOMP
Keywords NXT, music, music box, LEGO, figures, song, gears
Subject NXTs
Grade Level 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9+
Time 1 Hour Total
Brief Description In this activity, students will design and construct a working NXT music box in which LEGO mini-figures move while a song plays.
Lesson Objectives: – To learn to build with gears.
– To learn to program music.
Materials Needed: RCX or NXT
Assortment of LEGO pieces
Touch sensor
Computers running LEGO programming software
Preparation and Set Up: Set up computers running LEGO programming software.
Arrange students in groups of two.
Distribute necessary materials.
  1. Have students build a music box using either an RCX or NXT.
  2. The music box should consist of at least 1 sensor to turn it on a motor and gears.
  3. Once students have built their music boxes, begin programming in ROBOLAB Inventor 4 or MINDSTORMS.
    1. The music box should play when a sensor is triggered.
    2. When the sensor is triggered the motor should turn gears that move the mini-figures and the music should play.
    3. When the sensor is triggered again, the music box should stop the movement and music.
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