Animal Mimicry (with LEGO)





Name of Activity

Animal Mimicry (with LEGO)




mimicry, animals, behavior, movement, adaptation, 1 Hour Total, 4-6


NXTs, Simple Machines

Grade Level

4, 5, 6


1 Hour Total

Brief Description

This activity involves using LEGO robotics to mimic animal movements.

Lesson Objectives:

To think about the different animal movements and how man has mimicked them and

used them in various applications.To learn to use RCX/Simple Machine kits to simulate a simple controlled motion.

Materials Needed:

RCX Kits/ Simple Machines Kits.Can also be done using NXT kits.

Preparation and Set Up:

Brainstorm some animal movements that man has mimicked, (example: a scissors

mimics biting and tearing of teeth), so that you can lead a classroom discussion.You may want to bring in examples, pictures of examples or video examples.

Necessary Background

Vocabulary: Adapation


1) Discuss various animal movements. 2)  Discuss how man has mimicked certain motions and used it in various everyday tools. 3) Ask the students to use legos and motors to build a structure that mimcs an animal’s movement.

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