Climate Change





Name of Activity

Climate Change




climate, change, climate change, planet, environment, polar bears, arctic, zoo, transportation


NXTs, LEGO Building

Grade Level

K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


1 Hour Total

Brief Description

Teach students about climate change and how it could affect the planet. Then the students will build a vehicle that can transport 2 polar bears from the melting arctic to a safe zoo.

Lesson Objectives:

To teach students about climate change.

Materials Needed:

Lego kits, polar bears (can be made from clay, cotton balls, etc- just make sure they will be scaled so they can fit in a Lego car)

Preparation and Set Up:

Make polar bears. Make an overhead about climate change if you want to.


There is not an overhead about climate change- but it would be pretty easy to make one. Do the activity. The worksheet is just for fun.


Depending on the students’ building skills- the cars can use motors or not. You can have certain specs such as the polar bears must be enclosed so they don’t get too hot during the journey.

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