Name of Activity Paper Airplanes
Author STOMP
Keywords aerodynamics, airplane, paper, paper airplane
Subject Non-LEGO
Grade Level K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Time 1 Hour Total
Brief Description Teach students about aerodynamics by making paper airplanes.
Lesson Objectives: To learn about aerodynamics.
Materials Needed: Paper that is easy to hold.
Preparation and Set Up: I have made the worksheets- but I drew in diagrams for the students to follow them- you might want to draw them in too.
Procedure Talk about different aspects of aerodynamics.  Make paper air planes. Go crazy.
Extensions: See how adding weight like a paper clip affects the flight of the plane. Let students decorate planes and try different ways to make them. See which planes fly the farthest.
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