Kenny and Danish Semester Outline

September 26: Talk about animal adaptations and use the NXT kit legos to build a model of a chosen land animal.

October 3: Intro to the NXT brick with a video for “inspiration” then make a spinning fan.

October 10: Talk about animal senses and introduce NXT sensors through a simple mechanical/sensing project.

October 17: Build an NXT car and start programming it if there is time.

October 24: Program last week’s car to complete various tasks that we will assign (turn in a circle, go forward and back, etc.).

October 31: A sensor project with the cars, such as sumo wrestling or escaping a taped box.

November 7: Silly walk robots.

November 14: Build land animals incorporating the NXT brick.

November 21 and December 5: Program the animals to perform a series of challenges (e.g. get food in a specific location).

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