Name of Activity Spin Art
Author STOMP
Keywords spin art, motors, gears
Subject Simple Machines
Grade Level K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Time 1 Hour Total
Brief Description Legos are used to create a “spin art machine” to attach to a box.
Lesson Objectives: – Understand how to use gears and motors together.
Materials Needed: – A box with a flap at the top and a small square to squirt paint into
– two to three gears of different sizes per spin art machine
– Lego motor
– Lego beams
– Axles
Preparation and Set Up: – Prepare a box with a flap opening and a small square opening at the top of flap.
– Prepare one box per group of students
– split students into groups of 4-5 per group
– Assemble a kit with a few axles, lego beams, and a few gears of different sizes
Necessary Background Understand how to use motors.
Understand basics to gears
Procedure Have students construct a small machine using a few Legos and gears. Once the students build the machine, attach a motor to the axle of the gear system.
Modifications: When building gear system, advise students to make a simple gear system. More than two gears will make a gear train that will be hard to move with the motor.
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