The Perfect Puppy





Name of Activity

The Perfect Puppy


Alison Boreiko


NXT, introduction to robotics, animal, dog, programming, sensors


NXTs, LEGO Building

Grade Level



3 Hours Total

Brief Description

Students will combine their knowledge of sensors, programming and building to create their “perfect puppy.”

Lesson Objectives:

-Teach students to program with more than one sensor

Materials Needed:

-Project Proposal Worksheet

-NXT kits


-*optional: Craft Supplies (for decorating the dog)

Preparation and Set Up:

-Make copies of the Project Proposal Worksheets (1 per group)


1. Give instructions: Students are to design a pet dog. The dog should use two sensors to mimic dog behavior. 2. Have the students fill out a project proposal form. It’s important that they clearly explain which behavior they wish to mimic and how they will go about mimicking it with the NXT. Demand precision and specificity in their project proposals. 3. Once a group has had their proposal approved, give them their NXT kit and their laptop so they can get to work!


Students can continue to develop their robotic dogs.

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