Activity Name: Intro to Scratch – Get Scratch around the box
How long did it take? 2 1 hour class periods
Materials: *Scratch program, developed by MIT, open source

Vocabulary to know about for this activity:

Background/Things to know about for this activity:
degrees, clockwise/counterclockwise, block programming, conditionals, x and y coordinates

Preparation (what should one do to prepare)::
Familiarize yourself with the scratch program. Ensure that the class has an idea about the specificity/step-by-step nature of programming.

Procedure (how to go about the activity):
Have students use their keyboard to program Scratch to touch each corner of the display. Can also have kids program objects in the 4 corners of the display box and have them program conditionals to react to Scratch. (Ex. when Scratch is touching an object, the object “says” something)

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