Electricity and Magnetism Challenge

Name of Activity

Electricity and Magnetism Challenge




electricity, magnetism



Grade Level

4, 5, 6, 7


1 Hour Total

Brief Description

(Final Project) Students must complete 3 electricity and magnetism-related challenges to earn their STOMP diplomas

Lesson Objectives:

-Give students a series of tasks in which they must work together and use the knowledge gained throughout the STOMP semester to illustrate what they have learned

Materials Needed:

-Challenge Papers (attached)

-diploma (optional – reward for completing all challenges)

for individual challenges…

-Static Electricity: balloon, paper

-Circuits: Playdoh, LEDs, 9V battery

-Magnetism: Playdoh

Preparation and Set Up:

-Put students in groups (if not already done)

-Print out a copy of each challenge for each group, and fold up the challenges so they cannot be seen

-Place all materials on table for kids to access

Necessary Background



1. Hand out a copy of the first challenge to each group, and countdown to when the challenge can be opened 2. Students complete challenges and come to STOMPer when finished. ┬áIf done correctly, group moves onto next challenge 3. When all challenges are completed, kids get their diploma (Note: some groups will finish before others, so its a good idea to have a “bonus challenge” in mind – we had kids build a circuit that has both parallel and series components when they were finished)

Reference 1


Umbrella Unit/Curriculum (if applicable)

Electricity and Magnetism

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