Electromagnetism Superheros





Name of Activity

Electromagnetism Superheros




electricity, magnetism, final, project, non-lego



Grade Level



2 Hours Total

Brief Description

Students will have two weeks to design and build something to help a superhero rescue all of the paper clips in the city of Boston from an evil supervillain hiding in a cave.

Lesson Objectives:

-Incorporate both electricity and magnetism in a final project.

-Encourage students to design while thinking about a client and what he/she will need to accomplish.

Encourage students to be creative and reaffirm that there is no one correct answer.

Materials Needed:

For the first week, some materials should be replied. You may then allow students to request certain materials (within reason) if they feel it would help their design for the next and final week.

First Week Materials:



-Lightbulbs (both LED and standard small lightbulbs)



-Paperclips, for testing

-Assorted materials such as paper, felt, tape, popsicle sticks, etc.

Preparation and Set Up:

-Collect supplies.

-Prepare a model of the supervillain in its cave (can be accomplished by a bunch of paperclips within a dark box)

-May consider bringing large pieces of paper in for students to draw their designs.

-Divide students into groups of 2-3.

Necessary Background

Students should now have an excellent background on both electricity and magnetism. They should realize that a combination of electricity and magnetism will be needed to successfully complete this activity.


  1. Divide students into groups of 2 or 3.
  2. Describe to them the problem that they will have to solve: a supervillain has taken over all of the paperclips in Boston and is now hiding out in a cave! If you were to design someone to help the superhero save the city, what would you design?
  3. Distribute large pieces of paper and encourage students to brainstorm for quite a while. Think about what problems they need to solve and how they will design for a specific person.
  4. Allow students to build a little with the provided materials in week 1 and request materials for week 2.
  5. In week 2, have students complete their designs and demonstrate to the class if they have time.

Umbrella Unit/Curriculum (if applicable)

Electricity & Magnetism

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  1. Kaitlyn Davis:

    It was a little difficult to divide this activity in two weeks. If you have a third week, it might be a good idea. However, some groups will finish earlier than others and will need to be encouraged to improve their design.

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